It is a light stretch heat regulating membrane which blocks wind and water and maintains unaltered
the microclimate between the skin and the fabric.

It is a vanguard product due to its light weight and in particular of its elasticity.

During working time, also in winter, the foot temperature tends to increase together with heat production.
In order to contain the temperature, the heat is dispersed through perspiration.

The perspiring level of Windtex®, together with windproof property, keep the microclimate of the footwear.

Besides, the membrane utilizes the innovative Aegis® antimicrobial technology, an antimicrobial treatment that detaches and breaks the cell membrane of microorganisms by inhibiting the life processes of bacteria.

It is a patented method that works through a physical and ion phenomenon.

The antibacterial treatment is permanent and protects against unpleasant odors, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms through an antimicrobial barrier.

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