Our history

“Always Italian manufacturers of safety footwear”


1971 is the year when the founders Mariarosa Gianesini and Attilio Scolaro produce their first safety shoes, in the rear of their house located in Chiampo, a town in the province of Vicenza.

A reality similar to many others, which were born in those years in the North East of Italy, a well-known area for its entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to work.

The idea seems work and for this reason, “Scolaro family” starts to invest in the project. However, the dimensions are still limited and only a few dozen pairs of shoes per day are produced, mainly using manual work of a few artisans.

Even from the early years, it was already needed an enlargement of the production. There were few companies operating in this sector and in the meantime, the demand for protection in the workplaces was continuously increasing. This is why more and more employees take part in Giasco team sharing the same goals and values of the founders.

The 80’s represent the first important step for the company. In fact, foreign markets start to develop and the Internationalization then starts. In order to develop stronger partnership with the new customers and to be known to other realities of the safety footwear industry, Giasco begins to participate in the first foreign exhibitions.

Internationalization is not only an important milestone, but also a significant growth opportunity for the product.
In fact, the demand from continental Europe and northern markets, characterized by more stringent regulations of the time, was very selective and demanding.
Therefore, a constant analysis of the needs of current customers and contextual investment in research and development enables the company to offer cutting-edge products on the market in terms of protection and comfort, with a unique and attractive design.

The 2000s are characterized by a very difficult period of global recession. However, instead of relocate their production to countries where labor costs are lower, Giasco decides to face the increasing competition with a "Made in Italy", an extreme seriousness in service and efficiency of the processes capable of ensuring the best quality-price relationship.

Still nowadays, like more than 45 years ago, the same values centered in passion and dedication in the work, characterize the Giasco team and three different generations of Scolaro family guide together with the employees the company in achieving more and more important goals in the safety footwear industry.

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