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“We believe in continuous lab controls to offer the highest performances to our customers”

For Giasco "offering high quality products" is not only a matter of choosing the best materials in terms of comfort, proceeding with innovative production methods supervised from high-qualified people and developing unique and emotional designs.
In a sector as the safety shoes, where the health of the worker depends from the slightest features of the shoe, quality means to guarantee that every single aspect of the product complies the best performances in terms of safety and protection.
Therefore Giasco is committed to continuously check and verify its products, doing tests that simulate the real use conditions in order to verify that the performances fulfill the needs of the workers.
From one side Giasco cooperates with the most authoritative European labs specialized in this sector, which certify through chemical and physical tests that Giasco shoes are according with the actual norms.
From the other side Giasco has an internal team of specialists, who are daily verifying the performances of the products thanks to the availability of the best instruments for the research and development and a dedicated lab.

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