3D Triple Density

A revolutionary technology which triples your comfort

3D is a patented revolutionary technology that allows us to offer the only shoe with 3 different layers of polyurethane injected on the upper. The aim of this product is to offer maximum comfort and secure foot stability thanks to the 3 densities that characterize the various layers of the sole.
The first section thanks to its harder compound has been designed to offer maximum resistance to contact with the surface. This material, combined with the tread design, also ensures excellent SRC performance in terms of anti-slipping.
The second section (in the middle) instead is characterized by a softer density that ensures extreme softness at every step. A further advantage of this polyurethane solution is its resilience which over time allows a memory effect to be maintained. This detail maximizes the life of the product and differs instead from other materials that over time tend to deform and accentuate incorrect postures.
The upper section, the one in contact with the upper, was instead prepared to ensure greater stability of the foot, especially for those who during the day adopt a dynamic walk, not always on regular surfaces. Here too the memory effect of polyurethane guarantees important advantages compared to other Stability technologies present on the upper. In fact this stability support of the upper with use weaken the grip on the foot, favoring distortions or slipping. The one designed in 3D instead records the same seal on the shoe over time.
This technology also works on the aesthetic aspect. In fact, the use of greater color combinations increases the uniqueness of the model, also increasing the different possible combinations combined with the worn clothing.
In conclusion, 3D has given birth to a new generation of footwear that aims to become the leading solution at the market level.

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