3D Triple Density Injected

Revolutionary technology that triples your wellbeing in all work environments

After years of study, research and hard work, GIASCO srl has succeeded in launching on the market a technology that has revolutionized the safety footwear industry: 3D.

3D is in fact the first and only technology in the world to offer a fully injected polyurethane tridensity shoe. This means offering maximum comfort and softness in the sole while maintaining the undisputed advantages in terms of durability and protection, typical of a fully injected shoe.

Always a leader in the search for new and better solutions in terms of safety, comfort and design, GIASCO srl has obtained the exclusive use for the safety footwear UNI EN ISO 20 345 of a technology which is so revolutionary that it has been patented by European Patent Agency. This technology has been recognized and subsequently deposited with the various international agencies around the world.

Development path

3D is the result of a long journey, which began at the beginning of 2015, after an in-depth research with some renowned Italian and European biochemical universities. The aim of this collaboration is an unprecedented study: the analysis of the many different postures adopted by the worker during his daily life.

With the awareness of the studies carried out in specific situations of physical stress, present in the most different work environments, the R&D team of GIASCO srl worked immediately on the technical aspects that could improve stability, non-slip and comfort.

So, each layer is injected specifically to maximize performance in terms of stability, non-slip and comfort.

Although these issues have been for some time the subject of two-dimensional injected footwear and glued footwear, all of these have never recorded and guaranteed sufficient performance and standards. In fact, bidensity footwear, constrained by design limitations typical of its industrial process (characterized by only 2 layers of sole), has always tried to work on applied inserts either in the sole or in the upper. However, they have disadvantage of being usually made of plastic material, thus without a lasting memory over time, or applied in the upper, thus part of the footwear more prone to wear and damage.

The glued footwear on the other hand, although it could work more freely on the various layers of the sole, did not guarantee satisfactory performance of quality, but above all durability. In fact, because of the gluing process, too soon the sole tends to detach from the upper.

For this reason, the R&D department of GIASCO srl, willing to disrupt and revolutionize both product and process elements in order to launch on the market a technology with unique performance able to improve the well-being of workers, has finally managed to design a fully injected shoe with 3 different layers.

So, each layer is injected specifically to maximize performance in terms of stability, non-slip and comfort.

With the aim of industrializing this revolutionary new footwear, GIASCO has involved several strategic suppliers, first of all molds and injection molds, creating a whole international team.

Only this combination of efforts and synergies could give rise to a “disruptive” innovation for the injected footwear sector, which has been characterized by monodensity and bidensity shoes for over 20 years.

Technology benefits

3D is a revolutionary patented technology that allows to offer the only shoe with 3 different layers of polyurethane injected on the upper. Aim of this product is to offer maximum comfort and a safe stability of the foot thanks to the 3 density that characterize the various layers of the sole.

The midsole, the central part of the three layers, is characterized by an extremely soft density that ensures extreme softness at every step. An important aspect of this polyurethane solution is its resilience which allows to maintain a memory effect over time. This particular maximizes the useful life of the product and also differs from other not polyurethanes materials, which tend to deform over time and accentuate incorrect postures.

The upper sole, the one in contact with the upper (stabilizing ring), has been designed to ensure greater stability of the foot, especially for those who take a dynamic walk during the day and not always on regular surfaces.

Specifically, this ring has the aim of stabilizing the ankle during swirling movements that, in the long run, could cause fatigue in the back and knees.

Here, too, the memory effect of polyurethane guarantees important advantages over other solutions on the market today and guarantees the same sealing characteristics of the footwear even at distance of time.

The outermost section called the tread, the one in contact with the ground, thanks to its hardest compound has been designed to offer maximum resistance to contact with any surface.

This material, combined with the tread design, also guarantees excellent SRC (Slip Resistance Classification) performance in terms of non-slip even on the most difficult or inclined surfaces. In fact, the special design of the tread allows a “vacuum” grip thanks to the opening and closing of small cubes placed in the areas most affected by the danger of slipping. Finally, the considerably larger rear cubes guarantee the debris outflow, allowing adhesion even in harsher situations.

The combination of these 3 different sections, in addition to offering a shoe with excellent performance in terms of softness, stability and non-slip, also guarantees an innovative color scheme. In fact, the use of greater color combinations increases the uniqueness of the model and the different possible combinations with the clothing worn.

Fields of use

The revolutionary 3D technology has been designed to be unrestricted in terms of areas of use.

In fact, the ability to manage the different performances in terms of stability, non-slip and comfort, thanks to the design of each layer of the sole, allows to develop products with very different connotations.

As well as from a design point of view, these characteristics can be further influenced by the different polyurethane mixtures that are constantly being developed by the internal R&D department. In fact, the different “recipes” allow to work effectively on the softness, stiffness and grip of the various sole sections.

This ductility makes it possible to offer high-performance accident prevention solutions in different sectors (from warehouses to building, from oil and gas to automotive).

3D technology is so revolutionary that it is affecting further developments in different areas of safety, such as sports and the military.

Testing and certifications

Before being officially launched on the market each line of 3D technology is toughly tested and certificated by a prestigious internationally recognized laboratory.

For this reason, the footwear is subjected to the strictest mechanical and physical tests by specific machines that simulate the various most extreme uses.

What is monitored, in addition to the safety requirements, are precisely the indicators related to the stability, comfort, non-slip and service life of the product.

In case that some indices do not meet the required requirements and performances, the footwear and its design are completely reviewed by the internal R&D department and the various external engineering teams with which Giasco collaborates.

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