“At the forefront in injection technology of polyurethane on the upper”


Operating since more than 45 years in the field of safety footwear, Giasco has developed a deep knowledge in the different methods of safety shoe manufacturing.
Strategic aspect of this product is the sole, which gives various benefits to the shoe such as anti-static, anti-slip, resistance to electric shocks... to list just a few examples!
Considering the importance of the sole for the safety shoes, Giasco experienced directly different production experiences: sewing, vulcanization and gluing. For this reason, since more than 30 years (after our molds series "FLEX" in the fall of 1987) we operate with the technology that has demonstrated the best results in terms of strength, protection and comfort: the injection.
Specifically, the sole is born with a special polyurethane compound, that reacting chemically, forms a single body with the lower part of the upper. Furthermore, this method ensures a much higher productivity than any other technology and a lower rejection rate.
In addition, the upper requires careful design. For this, our R & D division constantly analyzes its plan in terms of materials and technology. This phase commits several of our collaborators who daily evaluate and test different raw materials and new technologies so that the product, once on the market, offers the best performance in terms of safety, breathability and comfort.
An important part of our competitive advantage is related to our manufacturing and research skills. Every year we invest most of our resources in advanced machinery and training our staff, in order to be also in the future among the leaders of the field of safety shoes.

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