Shoe care

5 tips to ensure the best performance from your shoe

Shoe care is a very important activity that not only has positive effects on the durability of the shoe, but it also helps to preserve the initial features of the shoe.
In particular for the safety, due to the high usage and the criticality of the performance guaranteed by footwear (anti-slip, water repellency, etc.), this attention is even more important.
For this reason, in providing maximum comfort and protection, even after several months of first use, we collect here some tips. This will help to keep longer your Giasco safety footwear:

1. Open the shoe well before inserting the foot and, if necessary, use a shoehorn so as to avoid subjecting     the butt (insert between the upper and the lining, in the heel) at constant pressure.

2. Lace the footwear correctly to prevent the foot from moving inside and shrink against the lining worn by this and the sock.

3. Reduce moisture emanated from the human foot, causing unpleasant odors, which is absorbed and accumulated inside the shoe. For this reason, allow it to be ventilated, possibly removing the insole, in a ventilated place after use.

4. Remove dirt periodically with a soft brush or damp cloth and then apply nutrient and polishing products evenly in the upper so as, it reinforces the skin and prevent external agents from pinching the initial features.

5. In case of wet shoes, keep away from heaters or heat sources, as they will dry the shoe making it hard and cracked. Instead, put on shoes with newsprint, so you can quickly absorb moisture.

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