standard 20345:2022

Norm EN ISO 20345:2022, relating to PPE "safety footwear", has been published and will soon be harmonized in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425, like the previous norm UNI EN ISO 20345:2012.

The regulation (UE) 2016/425 is the european law that regulates the personal protective equipment’s market. Within the news introduced by the regulation:

The validity of a certificate: no more than 5 years

Indication of the mark CE of the manufacturer

To make available the declaration of comformity on-line and this has to follow the product

Footwear, certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 20345:2012, can be placed in the market even after the introduction of the new norm, until their certificate expires.
So, for a certain period, footwear with both norms will be available in the market



The symbols of the new norm

The norm EN ISO 20345:2022 defines

The base and additional requisites (facoltative) of the safety footwear

Includes, between the others, mechanical risks, slipping’s resistance

Thermical risks and ergonomic’s behaviour


Base requisites

The norm includes a new mandatory level of slipping resistance only
to the forward heel and the back tip on ceramic and Nals

The resistance antislippery test SRB, SRC and SRA it has been eliminated.

1 sole resistance to hydrocarbons
2 toe cap impact (200J + 15kN)
3 slip resistance
4 energy absorption of seat reagion
5 antistatic footwear
6 antiperforation midsole metallic nail (ø 4.5 mm)

7 cold insulation of sole complex (-17°C)
8 cold insulation of sole complex (-30°C)
9 heat insulation of sole complex
10 outsole resistant to hot contact
11 water resistant upper
12 water resistant shoe

13 scuff cap
14 ladder grip
15 slip resistance ceramic floor + glycerine
16 water resistant upper
17 antiperforation midsole non metallic nail (ø 4,5 mm)
18 antiperforation midsole non metallic nail (ø 3 mm)

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