Direct injected shoes - Advantages

Production Process

For over 30 years GIASCO has been producing safety footwear through a sole production process called INJECTION.

Specifically explained, the sole is formed directly on the upper following the injection of a series of liquid reagents into a mould.

Over the years, this method has become the main process for the safety footwear sector as it ensures more durable and resistant products compared to other methods such as gluing.

The injection is characterized by 3 main phases.

The first one is called CARDING, a phase in which the upper is scraped into the profile, exactly where the sole will be formed; the second one is the actual INJECTION, a phase in which various liquid elements are injected into the mould. They react together, become solid and form a single body with the previously carded upper; the third one is REFILING and FINISHING, a phase in which the sole in excess is removed.

As previously mentioned, this production method has a series of advantages that will be listed below:

Sole sealing on the upper

The main characteristic of the injected soles is the resistance on the upper.
In fact, thanks to the CARDATION and INJECTION phases, the sole createss a single body with the upper, making the detachment of it impossible.

Softness of the sole

The automated machines and injectors for the INJECTION phase enable us to choose from a wide range of sole densities.
This allows us to choose the ideal softness of the sole according to the sector of use and therefore to offer an extremely high performance safety footwear.

Longer product life

The material used in our soles is polyurethane.

This is one special material that maintains its physical characteristics even several years after the first use. For this reason it is said to have "memory". This is very important because it prevents the shoe from deforming over time and the user from assuming postures that are dangerous to his health.

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